Couples Therapy

All relationships require work and all couples face challenges from time to time.  When problems are left unaddressed, tension and anger can increase and the longevity and strength of the marriage can be threatened. In therapy, couples are able to explore how their individual backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be impacting their relationship in both positive and negative ways.  Immediate and ongoing problems will be addressed, as well as providing help in developing strategies for protecting and enhancing the long-term health and happiness of the relationship. I have a deep passion for working with couples, which is why 90% of my practice is dedicated to this work.  I am trained in the Gottman Method, Discernment Counseling, and Hopeful Spouse Counseling. I work with couples in my office for in-person sessions or through online tele-therapy.  I also offer intensive couples therapy retreats:  

I am licensed to work with couples in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina. I provide intensive retreats either in Los Angeles, California or on a picturesque lake in Ellington, Connecticut.

Premarital Therapy

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments a person can make. While there is often great love and joy at the time of finding a life partner, there can also be confusion, fear, and doubt. Couples might ask themselves, "How do I know that I've chosen the right partner?" "Will I be able to make my partner happy for the rest of my life?" "Will we be able to navigate life's challenges together?" "How will we endure crises together, should they come up?" Starting this transition in a healthy way is crucial in order to build a foundation of joy and health in a marriage.

Individual Therapy

There are times in life when even the strongest person needs extra support.  Individual therapy is for anyone who has been struggling with some difficulty and has not yet been able to resolve it on his/her own.  People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons: from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma; to dealing with depression or anxiety; to simply desiring personal growth and healthier functioning in their lives.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is often sought when a major transition or other source of stress affects the family’s well-being.  In such situations, the family’s sense of closeness, the family’s communication and the family structure itself can become vulnerable.  Common issues addressed in family therapy are concerns around parenting, sibling conflict, loss of loved ones, new members entering the family, or dealing with a major change affecting the family system.